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"Dash & Dot have transformed the way my students learn about coding and computer science."
- Susan, Teacher from Nebraska

"We are doing students a disservice if we teach today the same way as we taught yesterday. Robotics is a great way for students to exercise their critical thinking skills through programming, and watch it come alive through robots."
- Carrie Willis, Technology Director, Valley Preparatory School in Redlands, CA

"Dash and Dot have been instrumental in teaching students empathy, cooperative play, teamwork, patience, resilience, persistence and taking risks."
- Smita Kolhatkar, Technology Teacher, Barron Park Elementary in Palo Alto, CA

"Girls sometimes don’t gravitate towards traditional robotics activities, but with Dash robots, there is an instant connection. Because of Dash’s personality, interactivity and creativity, girls are now the enthusiastic leaders of our robotics lessons."
- Christian Waters, Director of Technology Integration, Rowland Hall in Salt Lake City, UT

"Using Blockly with Dash and Dot and coding task cards enables me to differentiate for all learners and requires students to apply math and ELA content as they complete engaging activities."
- Michelle Eckstein, Elementary Technology Teacher, Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, CO

“It's STEM related, students are learning about robotics and coding, and they love it!”
- Dr. Tamieka M. Grizzle, K-5 STEM Lab Instructor, Harmony Leland Elementary School in Mableton, GA

"Give your students the ultimate leg up — a toy that will teach them how to code!"
- Backchannel

"Thoroughly absorbing."
- New York Times

Case Study: Computer Literacy Curriculum with Dash & Dot Increases Student Engagement and Motivation

Sunburst Digital visited Churchville Middle School in Illinois, where Debra Segiet runs a computer literacy program for local middle schools. The challenge Debra faced was to inspire students to participate in programming and other technologies while improving student motivation and engagement. Read how Dash & Dot were used to meet that challenge.

A Testimonial from Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper is a Technology Teacher at McDowell Mountain Elementary in Arizona. Since the fall of 2016, all of the students at McDowell Mountain have been using Wonder Workshop on a rotating basis. In addition, some students use Dash and Dot year round in the Wonder League.

What made you choose Dash & Dot?
I saw them online and fell in love with them. We didn’t have iPads yet, so I asked for the whole package. The PTO is very passionate about STEM, so they bought the robots. The district partnered up and bought the iPads.

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A Testimonial from Julie Linden

Julie Linden is a Technology Facilitator at Aurora East School District 131. They have been using Wonder Workshop since the fall of 2016.

What setting are you using Dash & Dot in? Classroom, after school, library, tech center?
Right now, they are used in an after school tech club and our fourth quarter is dedicated to coding. Our tech teachers use them with all K-5 students for 4-6 weeks.

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A Testimonial from Amy McKearney

Amy McKearney, a STEM Teacher at Corpus Christi School in Connecticut, is increasing the STEM presence at her K-5 school and thought Wonder Workshop’s hands-on approach would be the perfect fit. As of January 2018, she’s just getting started with her Classroom Pack, plus an additional 2 Dash robots.

When we use Dash & Dot, I go to the classrooms and pair a couple kids up with each set of robots and tablets. Our STEM Lab has thirty computers in it, so there’s more room to move around and use the robots if I go down to the classroom. During the Christmas season, I bought eight Kindles with covers and additional memory for $40 each. I have a mobile cart to store them. On the bottom of the metal cart, I took out the separators and all of my robots are in the bottom. The top has separators and the Kindles are kept on top, where they’re charged.

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A Testimonial from Adrienne Wiland

Adrienne Wiland is a Technology Enrichment Teacher at PS 108 Capt. Vincent G Fowler in New York. She’s been using Wonder Workshop since February 2016.

I’m a retired teacher, teaching two days a week. This is my 43rd year teaching, and my 11th year as a technology enrichment teacher. My program is set up in 6-week cycles which enables me to work with the entire fifth-grade population, half a class at a time. I work with each group for two days a week, working on projects that are not typically done in the classroom. My main focus right now is coding and creating a space where the children can come in and learn coding using different centers.

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An article by Laura McCaffrey on Coding & Robotics in the Classroom

Laura McCaffrey is the Director of School Support & Academic Services at Archdiocese of Hartford. Over the last two years, fifteen schools in the archdiocese have started using Wonder Workshop.

Technology is always changing and it seems that new devices, programs and apps appear every week to tempt the consumer. However, there is far more to technology than the newest “shiny toy,” especially for educators who know that it must support the curriculum and be fully integrated into their lesson plans. Faculty in schools throughout the Archdiocese of Hartford are employing technology successfully in their classrooms, as illustrated by the following examples focused on coding and robotics.

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A Testimonial from Brant Amerman

A Gifted Resource Teacher and Summer supervisor for Young Scholars Camp

Brant Amerman, the Gifted Resource Teacher at Elm Street Elementary wanted to utilize a new technology during the Young Scholars Camp with Rome City Schools this past summer. Students were learning Scratch during camp time and Brant wanted something different after experimenting with Lego Robotics Kits during the school year.

The Young Scholars Camp incorporated Dash & Dot robotics into their technology time and the students were very excited to learn programming through the Wonder Workshop apps. Mr. Amerman said,” the best part was that students could see themselves doing something with computer science, using the robots really increased their comfort level, and they are excited to learn more about computer science.”

“Dash & Dot were very easy to use and to integrate into the camp. We had students engineer bridges and they had to test their bridges by programming Dash to travel over the bridge. My goal for the upcoming school year is to integrate more programming skills and projects incorporating robotics into daily instruction.”

“In the beginning, it is really cool to use robots, but we want to go beyond that by incorporating computer science instruction into all subjects.” Mr. Amerman plans to use Dash & Dot with his students this upcoming school year at Elm Street Elementary. The younger students will learn how to use the apps and learn simple coding principles, and he plans to design opportunities for his older students to think creatively about how to program Dash & Dot to complete projects and challenges.”

We can’t wait to see what comes out of Elm Street Elementary this school year!

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