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Wonder makes robotics accessible to children ages 8 and up. Kids can use phones and tablets to easily create their own real-world gadgets and robots, providing a stepping stone to the advanced world of robotics, engineering, and technology. Kids design behaviors and interactions for the real robot Dash and their coding companion Dot that provide them with personality and intelligence. Wonder is visual and intuitive, a revolutionary new framework for students to learn about the world and how technology in their everyday lives work.


Go shows you the basic controls on Dash & Dot. This app is a portal to online content and activities.

Here's what you can do with Go:

  • Connect to your robots for the first time.
  • Make Dash & Dot your own by setting up their personalities and names.
  • Discover how Dash moves, makes sounds, and lights up.
  • Program Dot’s lights to display an array of colors and patterns.


Path introduces children to sequences, events, and sensors through its simple draw, drag, and drop interface. Plan, program, and execute an adventure for Dash while learning fundamental concepts of computational thinking.

Concepts taught in Path:

  • Algorithm design
  • Command sequences
  • Control flow
  • Sensors and Events
  • Problem solving

Draw a path to where you want Dash to go with a single “line” of code and add nodes to the path to give Dash special abilities, then press Dash’s top button or the robot on the screen to watch Dash go! Unlock 4 themes, and then make up your own adventure!


Blockly is a drag-and-drop visual programming tool that introduces children as young as 8 to fundamental programming concepts including:

  • Algorithm Design
  • Command Sequences and Control Flow
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Sensors and Events through creative problem solving

Your program starts with the touch of a button. Make Dash respond when an event is triggered! Dash & Dot can respond to button presses, other robots, and even the sound of your voice. Snap blocks to the "When" blocks to give commands to Dash & Dot. Start with sample projects or dive in headfirst to create your own.


Xylo introduces children to programming through music and play. Start off by composing a musical phrase, and learn the following concepts while Dash performs:

  • Algorithm design
  • Command sequences and control flow
  • Loops

Start out with sample songs in our library, or create your own. Edit and remix the notes as Dash plays the xylophone in real time. Add in loops and drag and drop parts of your song until your masterpiece is complete. Save your favorite songs, and play them for family and friends!

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