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Debra Segiet- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Case Study: Computer Literacy Curriculum with Dash & Dot Increases Student Engagement and Motivation

Debra Segiet, a computer literacy teacher and the department chair, was tasked with creating a new computer literacy curriculum for the area’s middle schools (Churchville, Sandburg, Bryan). In the past, the computer literacy course focused on Microsoft Office for Students. Mrs. Segiet wanted to create a curriculum that was spiraled to build upon students’ skills and interests in technology. The computer literacy course currently runs for forty minutes every day for a six or nine week session.

The challenge was to inspire students to participate in programming and other technologies; while improving student motivation and engagement.

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Selinda Stout- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Case Study: The Successful Implementation of Robotics in an Elementary School Library

Several challenges presented themselves in this Case Study. The first challenge was to introduce coding to all elementary students, Kindergarten – 5th grade in the library. With coding being the most important job skill of the future, it was imperative that Ms. Stout begin this initiative immediately. She needed to find a way to teach coding to ALL students, not just a specific grade level. Furthermore, to be successful, creating an open environment in the library where several groups of students can “play” with Dash and Dot was imperative.

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