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Jill Cooper - A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Jill Cooper is a Technology Teacher at McDowell Mountain Elementary in Arizona. Since the fall of 2016, all of the students at McDowell Mountain have been using Wonder Workshop on a rotating basis. In addition, some students use Dash and Dot year round in the Wonder League.

What made you choose Dash & Dot?
I saw them online and fell in love with them. We didn’t have iPads yet, so I asked for the whole package. The PTO is very passionate about STEM, so they bought the robots. The district partnered up and bought the iPads.

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Julie Linden - A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Julie Linden is a Technology Facilitator at Aurora East School District 131. They have been using Wonder Workshop since the fall of 2016.

What setting are you using Dash & Dot in? Classroom, after school, library, tech center?
Right now, they are used in an after school tech club and our fourth quarter is dedicated to coding. Our tech teachers use them with all K-5 students for 4-6 weeks.

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Amy McKearney - A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Amy McKearney, a STEM Teacher at Corpus Christi School in Connecticut, is increasing the STEM presence at her PK-8 school and thought Wonder Workshop’s hands-on approach would be the perfect fit. As of January 2018, she’s just getting started with her Classroom Pack, plus an additional 2 Dash robots.

When we use Dash & Dot, I go to the classrooms and pair a couple kids up with each set of robots and tablets. Our STEM Lab has thirty computers in it, so there’s more room to move around and use the robots if I go down to the classroom. During the Christmas season, I bought eight Kindles with covers and additional memory for $40 each. I have a mobile cart to store them. On the bottom of the metal cart, I took out the separators and all of my robots are in the bottom. The top has separators and the Kindles are kept on top, where they’re charged.

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Adrienne Wiland - A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Adrienne Wiland is a Technology Enrichment Teacher at PS 108 Capt. Vincent G Fowler in New York. She’s been using Wonder Workshop since February 2016.

I’m a retired teacher, teaching two days a week. This is my 43rd year teaching, and my 11th year as a technology enrichment teacher. My program is set up in 6-week cycles which enables me to work with the entire fifth-grade population, half a class at a time. I work with each group for two days a week, working on projects that are not typically done in the classroom. My main focus right now is coding and creating a space where the children can come in and learn coding using different centers.

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Lana Shea - A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Lana Shea is the Computer Club Sponsor at the Illinois School for the Deaf. Lana enrolled in her first programming class in 1979 and has been involved in computer science ever since.

At this time, Dash is part of a bigger curriculum, along with other robotics solutions in our Tech Friday program and computer club. I own one Dash personally and then the Parent Teacher School Organization purchased three additional, so we have four. The largest class we have is when PK-K come in. I have twelve at one time. Some classes are as small as four. The average is probably 6.

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Laura McCaffrey - A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Laura McCaffrey is the Director of School Support & Academic Services at Archdiocese of Hartford. Over the last two years, fifteen schools in the archdiocese have started using Wonder Workshop.

Technology is always changing and it seems that new devices, programs and apps appear every week to tempt the consumer. However, there is far more to technology than the newest “shiny toy,” especially for educators who know that it must support the curriculum and be fully integrated into their lesson plans. Faculty in schools throughout the Archdiocese of Hartford are employing technology successfully in their classrooms, as illustrated by the following examples focused on coding and robotics.

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Mendy Hayes - A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Mendy Hayes is a Technology Integration Specialist at Enid Public Schools - District 57. Every elementary school in the district received Wonder Workshop from a grant. She works with the Early Education Director and other administrators and helpsplan two yearly robotics fairs for the district of 8,000 students featuring their STEM solutions.

I am one of two integration specialists for the seventeen schools in the district. Last year, each elementary school was awarded a tote with a Dash, Dot, accessories and an iPad as part of a grant, awarded by Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG). Teachers can check the totes out and each school uses them in different ways. Some of the schools also have a Dash & Dot in their classrooms and a few schools have after school clubs.

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Sara Frampton- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Sara Frampton is a second grade teacher at St. Mary School. She runs the schools’ after school robotics club and participates in the Wonder League. They’re also used in her second grade classroom.

Our club meets once a week for an hour and a half. The Wonder League has an Edmodo group that I get all my information from. It’s all done online, there’s no travel. They complete different missions where they learn how to code. For the contest, I have 16 groups. Each group has 2-3 kids and I have them broken down by age group. I have two groups that are almost finished and I’ll be able to submit their work. For the prep work, I have the mats and printed their log books off the internet. I have little bins with the tools they need. At this point, my second graders pull everything out and set it up.

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Ivonne Gonzalez- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Ivonne Gonzalez is the Media Specialist at Millennia Gardens Elementary School in Orlando, Florida. She uses Dash & Dot with a group of fourth graders.

This is the second year of our STEM initiatives in the media center. We have interventions for students that are reading below grade level. The students that are on or above grade level were staying in a classroom reading during this time, so I decided to create a program where they can expand and enrich their education in other areas. I sent an email and said I have the opportunity to work with Dash & Dot in the morning and the teachers suggested what kids would be involved. The students meet everyday for thirty minutes.

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Keith George- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Keith George is the Educational Technology Specialist at the Alabama Department of Education. The Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative is integrating Dot and Dash from Wonder Workshop into hands on STEM kits to be used by teachers around the state to integrate Digital Literacy and Computer Science in 3rd Grade Classrooms.

We have a longstanding history of providing classroom resource kits to teachers. Teachers sign up for or are recruited to attend an initial summer institute. They come in for a period of time and learn how to implement our grade level kits. We focus on a three prong approach, with initial professional development, providing the resources themselves and the onsite coaching, which is really what makes the difference for the teachers.

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Eva Thomas- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Eva Thomas is the librarian at Pocopson Elementary School in Pennsylvania.

When setting up our makerspace, I chose Dash and Dot after doing a lot of research. Dash seemed to do the most with the most ease of use. There are so many things you can do with it. I love that I can get into the education section and find lessons that are Common Core aligned. I love the Challenge Cards we got along with it. It seemed like the full package to me. Plus, Sunburst Digital has been great and very helpful. Any question I had, Sunburst always answered them.

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Jamie Harbin- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Jamie Harbin is the STEAM Teacher at B.B. Comer Memorial Elementary School in Alabama.

After purchasing our Wonder Packs in May of last school year, I began using Dash and Dot with students this year. We currently have five of each Dash and Dot robots. Our school recently added a Pre-K class, so I started with them building their coding skills. We did the Clear a Path Dash Challenge, where they had to put various things on the floor and have Dash use the Bulldozer accessory to help clean the classroom. During the month of December, we read various books about snow and they created Dash's Snow Plow to help clear the streets for Santa's arrival. I try to tie a majority of my lessons to literature.

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Jessica Papcunik- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Jessica Papcunik is the computer science teacher at Hartwood Elementary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

To begin our work with Dash and Puzzlets, my students engaged in an inquiry lesson. Students worked in teams of two or three to discover how Dash, the Puzzlet tray, and the Puzzlet pieces that collaborate with Dash work together to make Dash move and interact. I showed students the materials and how to pair Dash to the Puzzlets tray. Then, I gave teams time to collaborate to figure out how to make Dash move. I found that lesson to be very beneficial. I learned a lot about my students' habits of mind in the process because they faced several challenges along the way. Many groups did not know how to make Dash work right away, some gave up and needed encouragement while other persisted until they found success. The commands given to Dash using Puzzlet pieces depend on sequential organization. The Play button needs to be the last tile added to the tray. The students needed to realize that the sequence of events they created on the tray were triggered by adding the Play tile as the last command.

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Brenda Cain- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Brenda Cain is a Library Media Specialist at Fargo Public Schools in North Dakota. Their school has a program where John Deere engineers help students learn to code with Wonder Workshop.

We decided to bring over our John Deere partners to be coding mentors for our students using Dash and Dot in the library. John Deere nationally supports competitions for engineering. Locally, they support other programs too. Our school foundation partnered every school up with a business partner. Ours happened to be John Deere, who has a plant just down the street from our school, so it just fit perfectly. They provide grants to schools around the nation to buy things like Wonder Workshop.

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Becky McDowell- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Becky McDowell is a K-5 STEM Teacher/Team Leader for Barrington 220 School District. Becky uses Wonder Workshop’s Dash and Dot with students in grades K-4.

In our Barrington 220 STEM program, we see all of the students at some point during the school year. We have expanded our program each year since we started STEM in our elementary schools 4 years ago. Kindergarten now has at least five STEM days throughout the semester and Fourth grade has 25 days. Currently, we have four STEM teachers, each serving two of our eight elementary schools. We each have twelve Dash robots and then I have an additional three Dot robots I used for the Wonder League.

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Danielle Tancredi- A Sunburst Digital Innovator

Danielle Tancredi is a first grade teacher at St. Christopher School in East Hartford, Connecticut. She uses Dash & Dot to expand coding into literacy lessons.

Learning to code, at a young age, is essential to be successful in a 21st century classroom. Coding provides students the unique opportunity to methodically solve problems, think critically, and use their creativity to make characters come to life.

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