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Sara Frampton is a second grade teacher at St. Mary School. She runs the schools’ after school robotics club and participates in the Wonder League. They’re also used in her second grade classroom. Two teams were invited to the invitational round of the competition.

Our club meets once a week for an hour and a half. The Wonder League has an Edmodo group that I get all my information from. It’s all done online, there’s no travel. They complete different missions where they learn how to code. For the contest, I have 16 groups. Each group has 2-3 kids and I have them broken down by age group. For the prep work, I have the mats and printed their log books off the internet. I have little bins with the tools they need. At this point, my second graders pull everything out and set it up.

I’m going to do a different type of robotics with them. It’s a five week session and I’m limiting it to fifteen kids per session. There’s three sessions, so 45 kids total. Each week, they’ll explore with a different type of robot to expose them to coding.

I use Dash & Dot with my second graders during the day. I make my own lesson plans. The kids will come up with ideas for what to do with them, as well. I used electrical tape to map out a maze on the floor. I handed a couple of my kids a Sphero the other day and said figure it out and they did. They’re seven. If you show them no fear, then they’ll just go. It doesn’t have to be perfect. So many people go “I don’t know what I’m doing” and I go, “Let’s figure it out together.”

We’ve had a couple robots last year, but this is the first year we’ve done a competition and after school program. The students love it. I have to have a schedule for when they can use them. At this point, they use them when they finish their work. You know how classes will have you read when you finish your work? Instead, they code.

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