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Danielle Tancredi is a first grade teacher at St. Christopher School in East Hartford, Connecticut. She uses Dash & Dot to expand coding into literacy lessons.

Learning to code, at a young age, is essential to be successful in a 21st century classroom. Coding provides students the unique opportunity to methodically solve problems, think critically, and use their creativity to make characters come to life.

Through the use of Dot and Dash, our extended robot family, my students are learning how to connect coding into literacy centers. In reading groups, we are focusing on sequential order, story re-tell, and cause and effect. To further scaffold these reading strategies, we have incorporated Dot and Dash into our literacy centers. During literacy centers, students work collaboratively in small groups and rotate through each of the following literacy-based stations: listening center, write the room, meet the teacher, and coding with Dot and Dash. Coding with Dot and Dash has taught my students to sequence stories from start to finish in an interactive, imaginative way. Students are learning to program these robots to perform specific tasks; all while developing a deeper understanding of logical thinking and perseverance.

In the pictures below, students are working on sequencing sight words in alphabetical order, writing them, and spelling them aloud to Dash. When the students spell their sight words aloud, they are programming Dash to record their voices. Students, in turn, are learning how to read, write, and spell their sight words through the help of Dash. They are receiving information visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically; which really addresses the needs of all learners.

Using Dot and Dash in the classroom has given my students the freedom to express their creativity, find their voice, and make a difference in the world!

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