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9 Awesomely Cool Coding Projects for Kids Using the Dot and Dash Robots from Wonder Workshop

Monday, August 18 2015

Recently, I wrote about how totally in love I am with the Dot and Dash Robots from Wonder Workshop. So it makes me extra happy that they have joined us as as our newest Cool Mom Tech sponsor because, well, we all adore them!

(Also, so does every kid who comes over and begs to play with “those cool blue robot things” that have a permanent home in our living room.)

What’s even better is that the free Blockly app (iOS and Android) that pairs with the robots has a new update every single week, meaning it’s constantly packed with tons of new puzzles and playful projects that are actually doable without an engineering degree, thanks to an easy drag-and-drop visual coding platform that’s perfect for kids about 8 and up. Maybe a little younger with your help.

For those of you who have ever wondered just what a kid would do with a coding app like Blockly and a robot like Dash or Dot, well it’s endless. You can turn him into a Magic 8 ball. Or a robot pet. Or a laser-gun-shooting, trash-collecting martian.

Click here for more fun ideas for coding projects and to read the original article.

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