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An Hour of Code with Wonder Workshop

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Looking to teach an hour of code with your Dash and Dot robots? Here are a few lessons your students will love.

Introduction to Coding and Robotics

Grades: 3-5     Topics: Coding     Language: Blockly

This lesson provides students with an introduction to coding and robotics, why it's important, and how to start thinking like a computer. Students will get started with Blockly, the most commonly used programming language in US schools.
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Dance the Loopedy Loop

Grades: 3-5     Topics: Coding     Language: Blockly

The goal of a good programmer is to write a program that is a short, clear, and effective as possible. In this lesson, students will learn how write programs using loops.
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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Grades: 3-5     Topics: Coding, Science     Language: Blockly

We all react to events that happen around us - cheering when the school team wins, crying at a sad movie, or dancing when we hear music. Students will learn how to teach Dash and Dot to respond to events that happen around them!
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The Robot Games

Grades: 1-5     Topics: Coding, Math     Language: Blockly

Challenge your school to compete in the Robot Games! Students will compete in a series of mathematics themed activities where they use Dash and Dot to solve a problem and earn points for themselves, their grade, and/or their school.
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Draw Spirals with Dash

Grades: 6-8     Topics: Coding, Math     Language: Blockly

Learn how to use variables in programming to draw a spiral with Dash! This lesson includes an optional building component to attach a pen that draws on the floor!
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