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Teaching standard curriculum using robotics

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Robotics can be used to help students learn important core topics such as English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. As personable characters that ignite curiosity and confidence, Dash & Dot are especially useful in project­style lessons that are cross­curricular and exploratory. Students may need to program Dash to complete a science experiment, using mathematics to calculate distances and angles, and then write a report on their findings to present to the class. Robotics is a great way to keep kids engaged in topics that they might not find interesting on their own.

Here are some example lessons:

Mathematics​: Students can compare fractions on a number line by programming one Dash to move some distance to model a fraction and another Dash to model the other fraction. Which is larger? After recording a number of fractions with a common numerator, how can you tell which fraction is larger just by looking at it?

English Language Arts​: Students can write a story starring the robots. Then students can sketch storyboards for their story and film it, programming the robots to act out the story and using other fun props. Students can be as creative as they like, but once the play has been programmed, it can’t be changed on the fly.

Science​: Students can study magnetism by attaching magnets to two Dashes. Students will program the Dashes to move toward each other. They can see that when opposite poles are lined up, the Dashes will snap together, and when similar poles are lined up, the magnets repel each other. Students can design and conduct experiments to test the strength of the magnets and their attractive/repulsive properties on different objects. They can then write a report on their use of the scientific method to test their hypotheses.

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