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How does Wonder Workshop adhere to the NGSS?

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are a framework and set of curriculum standards in science education that focus on preparing students for college and careers. The NGSS are aligned, by grade level and cognitive demand, with the English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core State Standards. The NGSS were developed by bringing together practicing scientists, cognitive and science education experts, and policy experts to first develop a framework for the standards with the focus on getting the science right.

The framework organizes science education around three dimensions:

  • Key scientific and engineering practices: key practices students should learn, such as planning and implementing investigations, defining problems, asking questions, and making arguments about and using evidence
  • Crosscutting concepts: specific concepts that students need to learn that cut across disciplines, such as “cause and effect”
  • Core disciplinary ideas: core ideas in the four main disciplinary areas of life sciences, physical sciences, earth and space sciences, and engineering, technology, and the applications of sciences

The full standards were then developed with the framework as a strong foundation.

How do robotics and coding factor into the NGSS?

Robotics is a fun and engaging way to tackle science standards. Students focus on key practices by, for example:

  • identifying challenges and problem solving solutions
  • engaging classmates in discussions about procedures and results
  • conducting experiments following scientific methods
  • recording data, methods, and results

Additionally, students can use the robots to tackle specific standards and topics, such as magnetism, speed, and force.

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