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Product Specs

Size & Weight

  Dash Dot
Length: 6.69 in 3.39 in
Width: 7.17 in 3.39 in
Height: 6.34 in

3.74 in (with stand)
3.39 in (without stand)

Weight: 1.76 lbs 0.37 lbs

Battery, Power & Connectivity

  Dash Dot
Play time: Up to 5 hours Up to 3 hours
Standby time: Up to 30 days Up to 30 days
Battery: Built in rechargeable lithium ion Built in rechargeable lithium ion
Charging: via Micro USB to computer system or power adapter via Micro USB to computer system or power adapter
Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart 4 / LE Bluetooth Smart 4 / LE

Light, Sensors, & Media

  Dash Dot
Microphones: 3 1
Speaker: 1 1
Eye Lights: 12 White LEDs 12 White LEDs
Ear Lights: RGB LEDs RGB LEDs
Spotlight: RGB LEDs (in chest) RGB LEDs (in eye)
Tail lights: Red LEDs N/A
Transmitters: 4 IRs 4 IRs
Distance Sensors: 3 (12 inch range) N/A
Detect Robot Receivers: 2 IRs N/A


  Dash Dot
Max Speed: 3.3 ft/sec N/A
Head rotation - up: 25° N/A
Head rotation - down: 10° N/A
Head rotation - left: 120° N/A
Head rotation - right: 120° N/A



Compose, loop, and play tunes while driving around.

Building Brick Connectors

Transform Dash and Dot into anything you can imagine with popular building bricks such as LEGO&trade.

Tow Hook

Use the tow hook to take Dash & Dot on an adventure, bring a friend for a ride, or just hang around.

Bunny Ears & Tail

Wait, did you hear that? Hop around the room with bunny ears and tail for Dash & Dot.

Bulldozer Bar

Get some serious work done with Dash's bulldozer bar.

Wonder League Activity Map

This high-quality mat can be used again and again during and after the Wonder League Robotics Competition!

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