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5 Inspiring Coding & Robotics Challenges with Dash & Dot

Prepare your students with necessary critical thinking and problem solving skills with Wonder Workshop.

Snowplow Activity
Code Dash to plow snow out of the way! This activity is great to see students using the five principles of computer science learning: creating, communicating, critical thinking, problem solving, and persistence. Click here to see the full lesson.

Battle Bots - Balloon Edition
Kaitlin Klein, a STEAM educator from San Jose, CA, posted pics and video of her students’ Dash robots engaged in an intense Battle of the Bots. She writes, “We did this as a back-to-school after break activity. They used skewers, a balloon, and tape to create a Battle Bot, using Dash robots. Then they competed in rounds to pop the balloons of other battle bots.” Click through to the Twitter post to watch the video!

We are always up for a round of Dashketball. This Twitter post from Chelsie Grant, a fourth-grade teacher from Leesburg, VA, shows an impeccable implementation of the Basketball Challenge. There are a multitude of ways to extend the challenge and increase its level of difficulty. For starters, you can require that students start the challenge with Dash facing backwards. Cross-curricular lessons like Dash’s Basketball Challenge are available as part of our Code to Learn Lesson Library.

Rescue a Tom Brady Bobblehead Figure from a Blizzard!
In the category of snow removal, check out this creative idea from first-grade teacher Mrs. Goldberg. Place a bobblehead figure of your choice in the middle of a grid mat, surround the figure with “snow” in the form of cotton balls, and set the challenge of clearing the snow and rescuing the figure. Can the first graders save him? Teamwork, perseverance and time will tell!

Play an Oscar-Winning Score
We love this Twitter post by Eric Vieira from Cerritos, CA. He managed to program Dash to play the “Imperial March” from the Star Wars soundtrack! Having students pick out their favorite melody on the xylophone and then program Dash to play the tune is a great way to teach and test skills related to sequencing and loops. Click here to check it out.

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