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Wonder Class 24

Sunburst Digital offers several packages specially designed to support the instructional use of Dash & Dot robots. This includes the Teacher Implementation Kit, exclusive to Sunburst Digital. Click here for more information on Dash & Dot and their accessories.

Wonder Class 24, offered exclusively by Sunburst Digital, is built for a classroom of 24 students. Containing eight of every robot and accessory, classes can easily be divided into groups of three students each. Also included are teacher logins for the Wonder Teacher Portal and Sunburst's curriculum implementation kit.

  • 8 Wonder Packs
    • 8 Dash Robots
    • 8 Dot Robots
    • 8 Xylophones
    • 8 sets of Tow Hooks
    • 8 sets of Bunny Ears and Tail
    • 8 sets of Building Brick Connectors
    • 8 Bulldozer Bars
  • 2 Wonder Teacher Portal Access Log-ins
  • 1 Teacher Implementation Kit*
  • Free downloads of Wonder Apps: Go, Path, Blockly, Xylo, Wonder

*Teacher Implementation Kit - Exclusive to Sunburst Digital

The Teacher Implementation Kit includes information on how to get started with Dash & Dot, lesson plans, and Dash & Dot Adventures. This includes information on the five free apps, how to connect to Dash & Dot, and how to charge them. The teacher implementation kit includes lessons plans in subjects such as coding, science, ELA, math, and social studies. Dash & Dot Adventures includes cut-out costumes for Dash & Dot, as well as more fun activities!

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