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Wonder Pilot

Sunburst Digital offers several packages specially designed to support the instructional use of Dash & Dot robots. This includes the Teacher Implementation Kit, exclusive to Sunburst Digital. Click here for more information on Dash & Dot and their accessories.

Our Wonder Pilot pack is perfect for getting started with Wonder Workshop or for a smaller group of students.

  • 3 Wonder Packs
    • 3 Dash Robots
    • 3 Dot Robots
    • 3 Xylophones
    • 3 sets of Tow Hooks
    • 3 sets of Bunny Ears and Tail
    • 3 sets of Building Brick Connectors
    • 3 Bulldozer Bars
  • 1 Wonder Teacher Portal Access Log-in
  • 1 Teacher Implementation Kit*
  • Free downloads of Wonder Apps: Go, Path, Blockly, Xylo, Wonder

*Teacher Implementation Kit - Exclusive to Sunburst Digital

The Teacher Implementation Kit includes information on how to get started with Dash & Dot, lesson plans, and Dash & Dot Adventures. This includes information on the five free apps, how to connect to Dash & Dot, and how to charge them. The teacher implementation kit includes lessons plans in subjects such as coding, science, ELA, math, and social studies. Dash & Dot Adventures includes cut-out costumes for Dash & Dot, as well as more fun activities!

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